How to Choose the Best Binary Options Market

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When you want to trade binary options for constant returns, you need to know exactly what are you doing! Beside your Money Management and your binary options trading strategy, it is important to know when to trade, and when avoid to trade a specific market!

Inside this blog post and Video, I will show you how to preselect the best market for your strategy in order to increase your winning rate as well as overall proft!

First, ensure to watch the following Video carefully :

As you can see inside the video, it is possible to avoid bad markets and detect markets with a good chance that your strategy will work properly! Lets have a closer look at markets I would avoid to trade :

Avoid News – Make sure to check the economic calendar at FX street regularly before you start trading. Avoid Assets with high impact news in the near future (The next hour)

Markets with No or Low Movement – Do not trade normal binary options when there is no market movement! If you want to trade when markets are not moving, ensure to trade Ladder Options, click here to learn more!

Chaotic looking markets – If there are many candles with long wicks nd, I recommend to avoid trading these to avoid losses! Below is a picture gallery showing some examples for “bad” markets!

Ok, lets have a look at a few examples of good looking markets to trade!

Try to detect the Elliot Wave Principle inside the chart, take a look at the picture below for more information about Elliot Wave :

By Masur – R.N. Elliott, “The Basis of the Wave Principle,” October 1940., CC BY 2.5,

I highly recommend to learn the basics of the Elliott wave theory to increase your win ratio by up to 10% … Click Here!

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