Binary Options Step by Step Video Course – BOSbS Video Course #1

Welcome, as many people worldwide are sitting at home right now to help fight against the Corona Virus, I decided to create a free Video course showing how to learn binary options trading step by step! In this course I will show exactly how to start trading binary options with the best chances to get good results, without loosing all your money! Make sure to follow each single step and make sure to start inside a demo account – so it is completely risk free!

Binary Options Step by Step – Video #1:

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Ok, lets see which steps to take:

  1. Overview and how to choose a demo account, how to use the trading platform!
  2. My Price Action Strategy Explained (Example follows the next video as the explanation took approx. 20 minutes)
  3. Drawing Trend lines, Support and Resistance & Fibonacci as well as how to Trading my Strategy + Example!
  4. How to invest real money and what to know about!
  5. Most common Mistakes, Questions and Tricks!
  6. How to optimize your strategy for your needs!
  7. More videos may follow with more advanced topics

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I highly recommend to watch all videos before you start trading with real money! This way you get the full picture before you risk anything except your time! Also make sure to read my Binary Options Price Action PDF by clicking here!

Almost each broker I know provides free demo accounts to let you try the trading platform! I´m using pocket Option inside the videos, so if you want to follow easily I suggest you create your demo account also with this broker!

Keep in mind that binary options trading always carries risk, and there is never a guarantee that you will make money! So only invest money you can afford to lose!

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