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Welcome here to my EA Builder Review! If you have optimized your trading strategy for binary options or forex, it is time to create an automated trading system or signal indicator for your Metatrader 4 or 5 Software!

This way, you can easily get trading signals whenever your trading conditions are met! Read this EA Builder Review to learn more about the easiest way to do so! Watch the video below for more information (Switch on Subtitles)

Indikatoren & Expert Advisor Selbst Erstellen - EA Builder Tutorial Deutsch

Expert Advisor Explained

An Expert Advisor, in short EA, is an automated trading system for forex or CFD normally. It runs on the Metatrader Software (You can get the Metatrader 4 Software free if you sign up for free demo account here!)

Using the Paid EA Builder Membership, you can build your own Expert Advisor without knowing anything about programming or coding!

The Free EA Builder Membership allows you to build your own indicators. This feature can be used to turn your strategy in a signal indicator, telling you when to take a look in the charts!

EA Builder Review

The EA Builder Software is a web-based interface turning the conditions you choose into a language the Metatrader can understand (MQL). You can choose between many indicators to build your strategy, or you can even upload custom made indicators to use it inside your trading strategy!

EA Builder Strategy Example (Pro Version)

There are also many more tools you can use, like Trend-lines (Drawn by you), Support and Resistance, specific price Levels, Time and so on! You can add your own code as well if you want to add some custom functions!

Inside the Paid Membership, you can create expert advisors, trading completely on autopilot. Here you can use all features above, but you can also set the Exit and Entry conditions, Take Profit and Stop loss Rules, Money Management Rules and much more …. (Video will follow soon)

Free EA Builder Software Features:

  • Create your own Indicator for the Metatrader 4 & 5 Software in a few simple steps!
  • Upload custom made Indicator Source files to add them to your Indicator!
  • Integrate hand-drawn Trend Lines into your Indicator!
  • You choose how your Indicator is displayed inside the Chart
  • Use the Alarm function to get audio signals or emails (Setup needed)
  • Combine different Timeframes inside your indicator if you like!
  • And much more … Click here to see it for yourself!

You can click here to download some free tools created using the EA Builder! And do not miss my custom made signal systems for binary options trading below!

Paid EA Builder Features

  • Create complex Expert Advisors for Metatrader 4 & 5 as well as Tradestation!
  • Use all Standart Indicator or upload your own indicators to be used in your trading strategy!
  • Set the rules when a position is entered and exit, how much is invested, where the stop loss is placed as well as the take profit and much more!
  • Download your trading strategy as ready to use Expert Advisor for your software and start testing right away!
  • Use the EA Builder to build new strategies and use the Strategy Tester inside the Metatrader do the testing for you!
  • Give away your EA or even sell it to make some additional money!
  • Many tutorials explaining how to use the EA Builder to its full potential!
  • Much more features… watch this video to learn more!

Overall, you can not do anything using the EA Builder software (Without coding skills), but you can turn the most strategies into automated systems using it! So i highly recommend to take a look at the free version at least, as it can already create great tools for you at no cost and in minutes!

EABuilder FAQs

Below you find the most common questions and answers about the EABuilder Software, if there is any question not answered, ensure to leave a comment so I can add your question and answer it!

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