Quotex Affiliate Program – Review of Quotex Partner Program

Quotex Affiliate Program

You want to know more about the Quotex Affiliate Program and how to use it to earn commissions from binary options trading? Keep on reading this blog post about the best partner program in the trading niche And discover why this partner program is one of the best options if you are looking for a good binary options partner program!

How To Earn Money By Referring Clients?

Do you want to earn huge affiliate commissions by referring clients to a highly profitable binary broker platform? The Quotex Affiliate Program is one of the best out there that allows you to earn as much as 80% of the profits from the traders you refer to the platform.

The Quotex partner Program is the best option if you are looking for a platform that allows you to earn commission from your clients. 

We have reviewed the Quotex Affiliate system and deliberated whether it is the best choice for you or not.


Quotex Affiliate and Partner Program

Quotex Affiliate Program was also launched on their binary options trading platform. Signing up can allow you to earn as much as 80% of the profits from several clients that are referred and active on the platform, in a month. But to become part of the Quotex partner Program, you must first sign up for a new partner account, then share and promote your referral link to others.

Once new traders register an account with your referral link, you will be receiving commissions from their earnings. Now, let’s see how to open a new account on the platform and join the Affiliate Program and start promoting Quotex.

How to register for the Quotex Affiliate Program?

Earning commissions through the Quotex Partner Program is very simple and requires only three basic steps.

  • You will be given an Affiliate link that you can share and promote to refer new traders.
  • Develop ads that would attract new traders to the platform through your referral link
  • Once new traders join the platform through your link, you can gain as much as 80% from their commission and earn from your team.

If these procedures are enticing to you, we have provided more information on how to become an Affiliate of the Quotex Partner Program.

  • Click here to sign up for a free Quotex Partner Account
  • Insert your email address and password.
  • Mark the Affiliate Program checkbox and submit the form.

On the page that follows, you will see your unique Affiliate link that can be shared and promoted to other clients and traders.

How does the Quotex partner Program work?

The Quote Affiliate Program is a performance-based Program, which implies that the amount of profit you will generate will be determined by the number of traders you attracted to the platform that is actively trading to gain as much as 80%.

The Quote Affiliate Program also offers a CPA ie cost per acquisition structure to pay Affiliate commissions. However, this depends on the performance exhibited by the Affiliate. The interest rate based on the revenue share structures is shown below.

  LevelEarning Rate (referral commission) Monthly deposit amount
Level 1  500-14
Level 25515-49
Level 36050-99
Level 465100-199
Level 570200-399
Level 675400-699
Level 780700+

Based on the model of the Quotex Partner Program, partners that attain a higher level will also receive higher referral commissions. By default, the first level is level 1 where Affiliates earn a revenue share of 50%.

But affiliates are required to fulfil the 10FTD (first time deposit) conditions in order to qualify for this payment. This implies that the affiliate will be eligible to receive and withdraw commissions after generating 10 First Time Deposits (FTDs).

Promotional codes

Once an affiliate attains level 2, the Quotex Affiliate Program has several promotional codes and discounts in stock for them. These promotional codes help to attract new traders and ensure that existing traders remain active on the platform. It is an excellent marketing structure.

For instance

If a trader that joins the platform through your referral link loses a $10 trade, you will still receive a commission which is about $8. The condition of the trade carried out by your downline, does not affect your commission. It is important that every client you refer to the platform uses your referral link to sign up in order to earn commissions. However, these commissions will be determined by the amount generated by the platform from the trader.

The challenging aspect of this process is to find traders that will register on the platform using your referral link. However, a simple strategy to use is to search for affiliates online through Google, using “Quotex Affiliate” keyword or search for answers on Quora and look for what people are talking about on becoming traders or affiliates.

Why is the Quotex Affiliate Program the best option for Affiliates?

The points highlighted below explain some of the reasons why affiliates should sign up for the Quotex Affiliate Program.

High conversion rates

Since you will be attracting new traders to the platform using your affiliate link, you will regularly be generating income from these traders as they begin to trade. This is a good option for individuals that need a side hustle.

Transparent statistics

Quotex Affiliate Program is very transparent and straightforward, offering their partners a detailed estimation of the conversion and traffic generated in real-time compared to other platforms out there.

Huge Affiliate commissions

Quotex Partner Program Review

In the broker’s sector, the Quotex partner Program offers higher commissions to their partners. Partners can earn as much as 80% from every active trader referred to the platform through their referral link.

Therefore, affiliate commissions doesn’t depend on the trades that are won or lost by the trader.

Recurring commissions

The Quotex Affiliate Program enables partners to constantly earn commissions, even if the referred trader only makes a single deposit or earns $1 from a trade. So, the activity of the trader does not affect your earnings.

Two additional benefits

Quotex offers several deposit options. This has made it easy to refer traders and help them make an easy and seamless deposit on the platform, using several hassle-free options.

Affiliates in the Quotex partner Program enjoy huge earnings. Since Quotex offers various deposit options, existing and potential traders can easily deposit money into the platform without stress.

How to withdraw earnings from the Quotex Affiliate Program?

The steps provided below will help you withdraw your earnings from the Quotex platform.

Quotex e-wallet

You can easily withdraw your earnings from the Quotex wallet by transferring them directly to your bank.


Commissions can also be converted to bitcoin and paid into your wallet or used for trading on the platform.

Bank transfer

This method is the best method for withdrawing your earnings and ensuring the security of your account. This method is crucial as you might not always want to trade or invest your income.

What is Affiliate marketing in the binary options industry?

Affiliate marketing in the binary options sector is a marketing type that depends on the Affiliate of a platform. These affiliates will receive earnings for attracting new clients through Affiliate marketing techniques.

So affiliates that attract clients to the binary trading platform will earn a commission for every new trader that registers on the platform using their unique referral link.

The Quotex Partner Program offers one of the highest commissions in the industry and affiliates can constantly earn recurring commissions using these methods. Also, affiliates can earn a commission if the referred trader deposits and trades on the platform. It’s a win-win situation.

Affiliate marketing in the binary options industry is an excellent method for affiliates to earn without participating in any trade on the platform. Let us know your thoughts about the Quotex Affiliate Program.

Quotex Binary Options Trading – trade and enjoy high profits

Here are some of the reasons making Quotex a great broker for binary options traders all around the world! Read my full Quotex Review to learn more about all the details Quotex has to offer!

  • Open to clients globally
  • $10,000 demo fund
  • Minimum deposit of $10
  • Massive profits of about 95% (for accurate predictions).
  • Instant withdrawals
  • User-friendly, secure platform

Tip: Click here to sign up for a free Quotex Trading Account to take a look into the trading platform yourself!

Wrap up

Quotex is most suitable for affiliates, traders, and investors that want to make serious money online. Registering for the Quotex Partner Program is an excellent method of making money without trading or risking your money.

Referring new clients and making profits from both their trades and up to 80% from every trader you refer to the platform, is surely an excellent way of making money.

You can visit the Quotex website to discover more information about the Quotex Affiliate Program on their terms and conditions. It is important to know everything before joining the Affiliate Program.

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