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Deriv Review - Formerly Reviewed

Deriv Review – In Short

Deriv is a unique binary options broker that allows customers to trade various financial instruments, including CFDs, binary options, and forex. It is extremely user-friendly and offers a variety of features to enhance the trading experience.

With its web-based platform DTrader, MT5 terminal DMT5, and automated trading system DBot, traders of all skill levels can build their portfolios and access some of the best trading opportunities on the market.

In this Deriv review, we will look at the platform’s features, advantages, and disadvantages to help you decide if it is the right broker for your trading needs. We will also cover the company’s customer support, account types, fees and commissions, and more.

Regulation of the Broker is highly regulated, ensuring the safety of its clients’ investments. The broker is authorized and supervised in a few different jurisdictions, including:

  • The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) in the European Union
  • The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (FSC)
  • The British Virgin Islands FSC (for clients beyond the EU)
  • Malaysia’s Labuan FSA
  • The Financial Commission

These regulatory bodies help protect’s clients from fraud and other risks that come with trading, which makes it a very reliable broker.

Pros and Cons of Deriv

Positive Aspects

  • A low minimum deposit requirement
  • A wide range of payment agents for the deposit and withdrawal of funds
  • Trading instruments from different groups, such as currency pairs, stocks, indices, and metals
  • Provides the well-known synthetic indexes
  • Regulated by multiple authorities from different countries
  • Excellent customer support
  • Choice of three trading platforms, including DMT5, DTrader, and DBot
  • No commission for using the trading account or platform
  • Ability to use different types of trading strategies and instruments to maximize profits

Negative Aspects

  • Tutorials may not be sufficient for novice traders
  • Doesn’t offer any copy or social trading tools
  • Not available in many countries, including the USA, Canada, Malaysia, and Israel

Deriv Trading Platforms

This broker provides different trading platforms to its clients to choose from:

#1 DMT5

Deriv Metatrader 5 Review

DMT5 is a powerful trading platform offered by that caters to traders of all skill levels. It integrates MT5 and associated analytical and research tools, making it simple to operate while keeping the features rich. It is totally customizable, allowing traders to build up indicators and trading regions as per their needs.

Additionally, it offers leveraged trading up to 1:1000, trade volumes ranging from micro-lots to 30 regular lots, and access to over 70 products across various asset categories. This count is constantly growing as the business expands. Furthermore, multiple trade panels can be opened at the same time, or single panels can be separated and relocated as desired.

#2 DBot

DBot is a powerful and user-friendly trading platform offered by that enables you to create your own custom automated trade bots. It comes with three pre-built tactics and a selection of 50 assets, allowing you to launch your bot without any programming knowledge. Additionally, it includes research tools and signals to optimize earnings and limit losses.

DBot also provides an easy-to-use monitor that informs you of your bot’s performance with every transaction. Alerts are delivered through Telegram for convenience. With DBot, you can quickly and easily create your own personalized trade bot to maximize your profits.

#3 DTrader Review - Dtrader Trading Panel reviewed

The DTrader platform offers an innovative and comprehensive trading experience. It has a simple design with over 50 traded assets, flexible trading options, and maximum payoffs of up to 200%. It also comes with various analytical signals and gadgets that help traders customize their charts.

Its contract sizes are as small as $0.35, and its trading duration can range from 1 second to 1 year, allowing traders to customize their options based on their needs. With such features and benefits, the DTrader platform is sure to provide an amazing customer experience.

Account Types

With Deriv, you can choose between three different account types, each of which gives you access to a different set of assets to trade. Keep in mind that these choices are depending on your country of residence! Binary options trading is for example not accessible from EU countries!

#1 CFD Trading Account

Deriv CFD Accounts Review

By using a CFD account, you will be able to trade CFDs using the Metatrader Software! CFD (contract for difference) allows you to trade on the price movement of an asset, without buying the underlying asset. CFDs are traded on margin, The term ‘margin’ refers to the deposit needed to open a leveraged position, which is a position larger than your capital investment and leads to increased market exposure (Up to 1000 times larger depending on your leverage). When you trade CFDs on margin, you increase your market exposure, thus amplifying both your potential profit and potential loss.

Deriv Multiplier Accounts

#2 Multiplier Account multipliers combines the upside of leverage trading with the limited risk of options. This means that when the market moves in your favor, you’ll multiply your potential profits. If the market moves against your prediction, your losses are limited only to your stake.

This kind of trading is an interesting alternative to CFD trading as well as to binary options trading, especially for countries with no access to binary options!

#3 Binary Options Account

Depending on your country of residence you can also create a binary trading account to trade binary options on their Web trader platform! Deriv offers a number of different digital option types, learn more about the different binary options offered by Deriv below!

Deriv Binary Options Review - Deriv Digital Options Account

Free Demo Account

The free demo account offered by Deriv is a great way for new traders to get familiar with the platform and begin to understand how binary trading works. With this demo account, you can try out various strategies and trades with imaginary money to get a feel for the processes involved before risking any real funds. You can create a demo account for all trading instruments mentioned above!

This is an excellent way to get comfortable with the platform in a risk-free environment and gain confidence in your trading skills before entering the market for real. With an easily accessible demo account and $10,000 in imaginary money, it’s the perfect way to start your trading career.

Deriv Review – Features and Benefits

Deriv is a binary options broker that offers many features and tools for trading financial markets. In this detailed Deriv Review, I’ll go over the most interesting features and advantages it has to offer.

Assets & Markets offers a wide range of assets and markets for traders to explore. This includes:

  • Forex – More than 30 FX currency pairs are available, including majors, minors, and exotics
  • Stock indices – Follow price movements across the largest indices in the US, Asia, and Europe
  • Synthetic indices – These indices are created using a secure random generator to mimic real-world market conditions and are available 24/7 to provide consistent volatility.
  • Commodities – These include precious metals like gold and silver, as well as energy sources like oil.
  • Cryptocurrencies – Trade popular tokens like Bitcoin (BTC) against the US Dollar (USD)

Binary Options

How Digital Options Work

Just like previously, also offers binary options, cfd and multipliers. With options, traders can profit from correctly predicting price movements without owning the underlying asset. For example, the Rise/Fall option will profit you if you predict whether the exit point will be above or below the entry point. There are more than a dozen options and payouts to choose from. Lets take a short look into the different digital options you can trade with Deriv:

  • Up and Down Options
    • Rise/Fall
    • Higher/Lower
  • In / Out Options
    • Ends Between/Ends Outside
    • Stays Between/Goes Outside
  • Digits Options
    • Matches/Differs
    • Even/Odd
    • Over/Under
  • Reset Call/Reset Put
  • High/Low Ticks
  • Touch/No Touch
  • Asians
  • Only Ups/Only Downs
  • Lookbacks
    • High-Close
    • Close-Low
    • High-Low

More details about the different binary options will follow soon here on my website, in the meantime you can check out this article from Deriv to learn more!

Multipliers offers a unique twist on leverage trading with a limited risk option. The multipliers combine the upside of leverage trading with the limited risk of options. This means that when the market moves in your favor, you’ll multiply your potential profits. If the market moves against your prediction, your losses are limited only to your stake.

With multipliers, users can increase their positions with leverage, often taking several positions to enhance their potential returns. Also, traders can only lose their initial deposit, limiting their potential risk. In a way, multipliers are similar to margin trading.

Spreads & Commissions

At, trading costs are kept to a minimum, with tight spreads from 0.5 pips on major Forex pairs like the EUR/USD. Such low spreads allow traders to maximize their profits, as every pip counts. There are also no commissions or other fees associated with trading on, making it an excellent option for those looking to keep their costs as low as possible.


Deriv provides traders with a wide range of leverage levels, allowing for greater potential returns when trading. With up to 1:1000 leverage available, this can be particularly beneficial for those wanting to take larger positions.

Leverage levels may change depending on the trader’s account type and location, with EU regulations capping the leverage for retail traders on major currency pairs to 1:30. With such a wide range of options, this broker allows traders to customize their trading experience and make the most of their funds.

Deposits & Withdrawals

When you’re looking for a reliable binary options broker, it’s important to look at the payment methods available. With, you have several payment options to choose from.


Deposits can be made quickly and easily with multiple payment options available, including:

  • Bank Wire Transfer – minimum deposits start at $5 and are usually processed within one working day.
  • Credit/Debit Cards – Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro can be used with minimum deposits starting at 10 USD/GBP/EUR/AUD. Deposits are processed instantly.
  • E-Wallets – Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, and WebMoney are available with minimum deposits starting at 5 of your base currency. Payments are processed instantly.

Deriv does not charge any fees for making deposits.


Withdrawing funds from your account is a straightforward process that can be completed with the same payment methods used for deposits. Depending on the method you choose to make a withdrawal, processing times vary from one working day for bank and card payments or up to two working days for e-wallet payments.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 5 of your base currency, and you won’t be charged any fees when making a withdrawal. That’s why this broker is one of the most cost-effective brokers to use when making deposits and withdrawals.

Bonuses & Incentives

Deriv offers a variety of bonuses and incentives to its customers, including no-deposit welcome bonuses on the FX platform. Currently, the availability of these offers may be limited due to changes in the platform, but new and existing offers can always be found on their homepage.

Due to a law passed by the EU in 2018, European traders may find that bonuses and incentives are limited. However, the broker promises low minimum deposits and low fees, which makes up for this. It is always worth monitoring their homepage as well as this Deriv Review for new incentives and existing client benefits.

Customer Support

Their customer support is always available to help, no matter your challenges. Their global support desk is available 24/7, with a telephone support number to answer your queries. Alternatively, you can find answers to common problems in their Support Center and Ask the Community sections, which are constantly updated with the latest information. No matter your problem, the customer service team at Deriv is always ready to help you in the best way possible.

Mobile App

A Mobile App is currently not available for users of, as the company is focusing on rebranding and revamping its framework. Once these changes are made, plans to make its platforms available through a mobile app so customers can trade easily from their phones.

Alternatives to Deriv

If you are looking for an alternative to this broker, there are many great options to choose from. Here are some of the top alternatives:

Best Alternatives to Deriv For Binary Options

1. Pocket Option

Pocket Option is a another great broker providing binary options and Forex trading. It offers a wide selection of assets, including currency pairs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, as well as regulated services in over 95 countries and regions. More than 100 trading instruments are available on Pocket Options, and foreign investors can choose from different payment methods. The platform is simple to use and provides a smooth customer service experience when needed.

2. Quotex

Quotex is another great alternative for those looking to trade binary options. It offers a comprehensive range of trading instruments, including currencies, metals, oil, cryptocurrencies, and stock indices. The proprietary trading platform is user-friendly and allows for quick and easy customization, with 29 technical indicators available. Quotex also offers great customer support, and its secure two-factor authentication system ensures the safety of personal and payment information.

Best Alternatives to Deriv For Forex

IC Markets

IC Markets is a highly reputable, secure, and reliable broker that offers users access to the global financial markets. It has gained a reputation for having competitive trading fees, a wide selection of products and tools, low-cost scalability for algorithmic traders, and MetaTrader tools. With over 3,500 symbols available and regulatory status in 1 tier-1 jurisdiction and 1 tier-2 jurisdiction, IC Markets is a great alternative to Deriv for Forex trading.


Exness is a great alternative to Deriv for Forex, providing regulated, secure, and reliable trading conditions. Exness offers a wide variety of CFDs for stocks, currency pairs, energy, and metals, as well as access to cryptocurrency. Low commission fees and instant order execution make Exness an attractive option for traders of all levels. Additionally, traders can take advantage of infinite leverage to maximize their profits with smaller deposits. A demo account is also available to help traders hone their skills and strategies.

Pocket Option

Pocket Option is another excellent alternative. With a low threshold for entering the market, even novice traders can start trading with a first deposit of just $5. It also offers an advanced social trading platform for experienced traders, allowing users to generate passive income from the market. This platform is highly reliable and trusted by many traders, making it a great choice for investors of all levels.

Deriv Review Conclusion

While many call it a scam, it isn’t. Even if it isn’t the best option for you according to your requirements, it isn’t a scam. This broker is a legitimate and trusted platform that offers many features for its users. It has an impressive rating on Trustpilot, with over 21,800 reviews and a score of 4.6 out of 5 stars. (Check out Deriv Reviews on Trustpilot)

Although it may not always be the best option depending on individual needs, it is an excellent choice for many as a reliable and secure platform for trading binary options. Ensure to read my other broker reviews if you enjoyed my Deriv Review, also make sure to read my binary options trading PDF by clicking here!

However, there are plenty of other good alternatives out there that offer similar features as Deriv. So if you’re looking for a broker with different features, fees, or assets to trade, any of the above options could be a great fit. Ultimately, the right broker will depend on your individual goals, budget, and experience level. If you liked my Deriv Review, ensure to leave a comment and subscribe to my Blog for more content in the future!

Deriv Review FAQs

Is Deriv Legit?

Yes, is a legitimate and highly regulated online trading platform that offers a range of options for investors to take advantage of. It provides a secure environment to ensure the safety of your funds and is compliant with international financial regulations. The platform also has a range of tools and features to help you make informed decisions about your investments. With all these safeguards in place, can be relied upon to provide a safe and secure online trading experience.

Can I Still Trade On

No, not anymore! While it was possible to trade on in the transition period, this has come to an end! All accounts are transferred to so you can just log into the new trading platform with your old credentials!

Does Deriv Offer a Demo Account?

As you can read in my detailed Deriv review above, this broker is providing a Demo Account preloaded with 10.000 USD to test their trading platform as well as your trading strategies!

Do Withdrawals On Deriv Require Verification?

Yes, Deriv withdrawals do require any verification. However, in some cases, the firm may ask you to provide additional documentation for verification purposes. If this is the case, you will be notified by email and given clear instructions on sending the required paperwork.

What is the Difference Between and Deriv? is the successor of, offering the same features and services with an updated interface. With an existing username and password, users can log in to the system and view earnings and trades on the site.

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