Turbo Binary Options Strategy for Short Term Binary Trading

You want to know more about Turbo Binary Options and how to make money in binary options? Keep on reading this blog post about how to trade them and about my proven Turbo Binary Option Strategy!

I assume that you know the basics of binary options trading already, if you don´t make sure to read more articles on my blog and my free binary options ebook you can find here!

Keep in mind that binary trading as well as Forex trading involves high amount of risk! So make sure to start practicing your trading skills inside a demo account first. Only invest money you can afford to lose!

Turbo Binary Options Trading

Turbo Binary Options providing you with a instrument to trade binary options in a very short time frame, starting from 10 seconds up to a few minutes! They carry a high level of risk, so make sure to only start trading turbo binary options if you already trade traditional binary options with success!

Also make sure to follow the basic trading guidelines to increase your chance to profit from this kind of trading instrument! Learn more about these rules in my e book about the most most profitable binary options strategy I´m using daily since 8 years!

Turbo Binary Options Advantages & Disadvantages

First lets take a look into the positive and negative aspects of short term binary options trading! I highly suggest to trade longer expiration times from 5 – 30 minutes if you are starting out with this form of trading! Shorter time frames are harder to analyze and understand!

Turbo Binary Option advantages

The main advantage is the short expiration times as you can earn faster if your strategy works! On the other hand can you lose a lot more if your strategy does not work! Another advantage is that you can profit from very weak market moves, this is not easy if you use longer expiration times!

The next big advantage is that you do not need to monitor charts for a long time until you find a trading opportunity. Shorter time frames equals to more trading opportunities per hour, so you can easily make 5 trades or more in 30 minutes of trading! If you look for 15 minute trading opportunities you will be lucky to get one in 30 minutes!


It is hard to analyze a market in this short time frames. For very short turbo binary options from 10 seconds for example it is even hard to get usable charts! I´m using the Pocket Option trading interface to trade them and Pocket Option also provides charts from 5 seconds per candle, perfect to trade turbo binary options!

While i use different charts to trade longer expiry options, I recommend to concentrate on a single chart to trade turbo binary options. As you will get still a lot of trading opportunities, you can concentrate on one chart to avoid miss trades and losses!

Turbo Binary Options Trading Strategy

This Short Term Trading Strategy is using the small market moves you can see whenever a market is open, in these short time frames the market noise can be used to trade these short term options! If you look into the chart in the 1 – 10 seconds time frame, you will see a steady up and down inside the charts! Sure there is an overall trend in one direction, to one of the moves is bigger than the other, but you still see a up and down moving pattern!

If you can see a trend, make sure to only trade in the trend direction, if you can not detect a trend at all, you can trade both directions using the following simple binary options trading strategy for short-term binary options! Make sure to check out my PDF to learn more about the binary options advanced strategies to optimize your trading results!

Make sure to first practice inside your Pocket Option Demo account to learn how this strategy is working!

Turbo Binary Options Trading Video

Watch the video below to see my short term binary options strategy for Pocket Option turbo options!

10 Second Binary Option Strategy for Pocket Option 5 Second Binary Options

Inside this video you see how I trade turbo binary options using my price action strategy for very short time frames inside the Pocket Option trading panel! Pocket Option is my main binary options broker and provides a lot of great features and tools to succeed with binary options!

Turbo Binary Options Trading using my Strategy Step by Step

  1. Add the Stochastic Oscillator to the chart!
  2. Add a 35 Moving Average to the chart
  3. Wait till the Stochastic is below 20 or above 80
  4. Enter with the next Low (if its below 20) or the next High (if above 80) with a trade in the opposite direction (A Call Trade if the Stochastic is below 20, and a Put Trade if it is above 80)
  5. If you lose a trade, increase your investment amount to twice the first trade (Never trade a trade with a higher investment as 5% of your overall balance! So if you have a trading balance of 100USD, you should not trade more than 5USD in a single trade)

My Turbo Binary Options Strategy Explained in Detail

Ok, lets have a closer look into my price action trading strategy for short term binary trading! In fact it is a price action strategy, which means that I monitor the price behavior in order to determine the next price moves with high accuracy! Make sure to add the indicators mentioned above to your chart, also make sure to use a 5 second chart (to trade 10 seconds options).

When to enter a Turbo Binary Options Call Trade

Turbo Binary Options Strategy

Only trade Call Trades inside a Up-Trend! Make sure to wait for the price to go down and try to hit the lowest point before the price start moving up again! One way to determine this point is to use the Stochastic Oscillator or the RSI, or both combined!

I´m using the Stochastic normally! If you check out the picture you see a down trend and the stochastic oscillator below the main chart!

Make sure that the stochastic oscillator is below the bottom line, this means below 20 before you enter a trade! This means that the market is oversold, so the chance that the price will start moving upwards again is very high!

When to enter a Turbo Binary Options Put Trade

Short Term Binary Options

Only trade Put Trades inside a Down-Trend! Make sure to wait for the price to go up and try to hit the highest price level before the price changes its direction again!

f you check out the picture you see a down trend and the stochastic oscillator below the main chart!

Make sure that the stochastic oscillator is above the upper line, this means above 80, before you enter a Put trade! A level above 80 means that the market is overbought and will most likely start to go down again in the near future!

How to optimize your Trading Results

There is no guarantee that the trade will win, as the markets are changing minds fast, but if you trade low amounts of money, and own a bit of capital, you can use the following money management strategy to win back your investments for lost trades!

This strategy is very simple but requires some patience and training to be successful! Make sure to start small inside a demo account and to learn more about candlestick pattern and other tools to determine market movements (I recommend the Candlestick Bible to start out)! If you lose constantly using this strategy, make sure to wait a bit longer till you enter a trade, this can massively increase your performance using this strategy!

High Risk / High Return Money Management

Before you start using this technique, ensure to practice the above strategy first for some time with real money! Also keep in mind that you never trade more than 5% of your overall capital in a single trade!

If you lose a trade, double your investment for the next trade you enter in order to win back the loss from the first trade, this money management is called “martingale” and carries a high level of risk, if you don´t set a upper limit! In our case this limit is 5% of your starting capital, so lets take a look into an example:

You deposit 1000 USD with your favorite broker! If you just trade 1% per trade, you trade 10 USD per trade in fact!

Lets say you lose the first trade, this means you lose 10USD! Now you double the investment for the next trade to 20USD!

If you win this trade, and if you earn 80% on top of your investment, you will get paid 36 USD back to your balance (the 20 USD investment and the 16 USD profit).

Now you earned 6USD overall (16 USD profit – 10USD loss).

If you lose the second trade you can increase the 3. trade to 40 USD, if you win you will still earn a small amount and recover your loss.

If you lose this 3. trade you should take the loss, reduce your investment per trade to your minimum again, be course the next higher martingale level would exceed your 5% per trade limit!

This MM Strategy carries a lot of risk! Only use this method if you can double your starting investment 3 times without hitting your 5% limit!

Best Place to Trade Turbo Binary Options

I mainly trade with Pocket Option and Quotex, while Pocket Option provides shorter binary options starting from 5 seconds!

Pocket Option also offers some interesting features and bonuses for traders interesting in trading short and long term binary options as well as Forex!

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Turbo Binary Options FAQ

Where to trade Turbo Binary Options?

Almost all binary options broker provide 1+ minute binary options, shorter binary options between 5 – 60 seconds can be traded with Pocket Option and only a few others!

Are there other strategies for Turbo Binary Options?

You can find a lot of strategies for Short Term binary Options, browse this site and my Youtube Channel to learn more about the different strategies I´m using!

Can you win with binary options?

Yes you can win, but it is not as easy as someone may have told you! You need to learn and practice in order to succeed with binary options.

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