Express Trades at Pocket Option | New Added Trading Feature

Welcome to my video about a new kind of binary option trading with Express Trades! Express Trades at Pocket Option are a way to combine 2 or more binary options into one, high return binary option, best to watch the video to see how it works, and why it is interesting:

Pocket Option Express Options Reviewed - +300% Return with Pocket Option - Strategy & Tutorial

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Pocket Option Express Options are not easy to trade, as you need to combine two binary options and win both in order to win the Express Trade, but it can be done if you make sure to use higher time frames and expiration times to trade!

It is also possible to combine different expiration times into one Express Trade, just make sure it is matching your strategy!

By combining 2 binary options into an Express Trade, you can massively increase your potential return. Here inside the pic you see an example for a Express Trade with 2 binary options, both traded assets here are at approx. 90% return (If traded as normal binary option) while the combination brings approx. 270% return if both positions close in the money!

Express Trade high profit Example

So in the case I invest one USD into this trade, and both positions closing in the money, I would get paid 3.67 USD! You can use my strategy for binary options to trade express trades too, you just need to analyze several markets, and wait till you get 2 matching signals almost at the same time!

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This will be much easier if you trade longer timed options, as you got more time to look for another trade opportunity! Always remember to start inside a demo account or with the lowest amount possible to see how it is working for you!

Please comment below with your ideas about this trading option, and let me know how it is working for you!

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