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Can you really make money with Binary Options Social Trading using Pocket Options Copy Trading Feature? Welcome to my Blog post about Pocket Options social trading feature and how to use it for the best long-term results! You can read more about Pocket Option in my detailed review and bonus offer by clicking here!

Binary Options Social Trading Reviewed

Watch the video below to learn more about how to use social trading with binary options the best way!

Best Binary Options Social Trading Platforms -Make Money With Binary Options Copy Trading Review
Binary Options Social Trading with Pocket Option

Best Way to Use Binary Options Social Trading!

Follow these simple steps to find successful traders you can copy using the Pocket Options Social Trading for binary options! Remember that there is never a guarantee for-profit, and past performance is no proof for future performance!

Binary Options Social Trading
  1. Sign up to Pocket Option by clicking here and open the desktop version (As I know it is not available inside the App)
  2. Click on the social trading icon (1) and click on the “All Assets” Tab (2)! Here you see the top trader in the past for all assets! When you click on one of them, you get some more statistics!
  3. Try to find successful traders with the following statistics: More than 500 traders overall, all-time win rate above 50%. Make sure that he uses no martingale money management if possible!
  4. Click on the following icon when you find a good trader. Now you need to set up your money management settings!
  5. Ensure to use these settings to limit your risk! You can set a minimum investment/balance. You can define your minimum and maximum trade amount and a percentage ratio to the original traded amount when you automatically stop following this trader! Use these settings to avoid high losses!
Binary option copy trading

Copy Trading Binary Options Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks you should keep in mind when you start copying fellow traders on Pocket Option or IQ option:

  • Choose the traders to follow wisely – As you will copy their trades, you will also copy their losses. So ensure only to follow a profitable trader with good trading strategies and performance!
  • Check your stats regularly – Traders are only human. Less-experienced traders and amateur traders may not understand market mechanisms and fail to identify key markets, unlike advanced traders. Their performance may change, to ensure to check their statistics and trading activity regularly, once a week for example!
  • Don´t get greedy – Keep your money management safe! Only invest 0.5 – 3% of your overall capital in a single trade. Take your trading decisions wisely!
  • Diversify your Risk – Do not only follow one trader, instead choose 2-5 traders to follow, depending on the overall capital you can use for social trading!
  • Take a Binary Options Broker Bonus– The downside of accepting a broker bonus is the minimum trading amount to get it paid out! There is nothing terrible about a bonus if you plan to use social trading, as you will quickly get many trades to cover the trading volume! So I recommend choosing one of the Pocket Option Promo Codes by clicking here!

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Binary Options Social Trading FAQs

Is Binary Options Social Trading safe?

Social trading also carries a certain amount of risk! It is just as good as the traders you follow! When the trader loses money, you will too! When the trader makes money, you will also. That’s the nature of the market!

Is it better to trade yourself?

It also depends on the binary options trader you follow! And how good you can trade binary options! It depends on your trading skill, trading style, experience, investment decisions, scales of trade, choice of market, and market conditions. I´m trading myself, and it feels much better than following others! But if you are low on time or do not know much about trading, binary options copy trading may be a solution for you!

How much can you earn using binary options social trading?

This entirely depends on your investment amount! If you invest more, you can earn more! On the other hand you can also lose more if you don´t choose the trader you follow wisely!

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