Ladder Options Tutorial – Pocket Options Ladder Trading

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Ladder Options TutorialHello and welcome to my short news post about the new Pocket Option features released last week! Ensure to watch the video below till the end to see them in action and or read more about this broker inside my Pocket Option Review!

Since last week, PO updated his trading interface and added a few additional features like the option to trade Ladder Options in order to specify your Risk-Reward Ratio. This can be a great tool to secure normal trades, to reduce your risk or to increase your return, depending on the way you are using this feature! (Subtitles will be added in 70+ languages, so ensure to switch them on!)

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Ladder Options Benefits

Using Ladder Options, you can choose the entry level for your binary options trade, so you can choose a higher level as the actual price to enter a trade (Or a lower level), if you buy a Call option for a higher Level, you will earn a higher Return in the case that it ends in the money! If you buy a Put option with a higher level you will have a much higher chance to win the option, but you will get a lower return!

Ladder Options Usage

There are different ways to use ladder options inside your trading strategies, here are a few:

  1. Secure your position – You can add an additional ladder option to your standard trade (Following your strategy) with a lower risk lower reward ratio in order to add a more secure position to your trading portfolio! You can even replace your standard trade, or you can change the position size so that the return from the Ladder Trade completely covers your High Risk/High Reward position!
  2. You can take advantage of price break outs or news break outs in order to trade High Risk / High Reward Ladder Options and try to take advantage of fast and strong price movements! This way you can earn up to 120% on average!
  3. Hatching in nonmoving markets, in markets without much movement, you can use Ladder Options to still make a profit, even if the price does not move a single pip! While you need some price fluctuation to win standard binary options, you can easily win Ladder Options if the price doesn´t move at all!

Overall I´m very happy with Pocket Option – It is a nice broker for fast binary options trading and I suggest you try it risk-free inside the Demo Account!

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Ladder Options Strategy to trade short term binary options at Pocket Option! Ensure to watch the video below till the end for several ways to use binary ladder options to increase your bianr yoption results:

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